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South Jersey born artist Jasmine L. Thompson began photographing at the age of fifteen and fell in love with the art. Seven years later she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography and Filmmaking. Immediately after graduating undergrad she jumped on a plane and flew across the country to start a life in Los Angeles.  Since then Jasmine has become an internationally published photographer within the US, Austria, and Scandinavia.

Jasmine specializes in portraits enhanced by lighting for mood and emotion.  Activated by the vast world of light she studies the multitudinous forms of lighting design as best she can. From stage, film, architectural, interior, and urban lighting, she immerses herself in not just the art, but in its history, psychology, and science. When photographing Jasmine is just as taken by the subject, as she is the aesthetics, but never considers one more important than the other. 

For All Inquiries: JasmineLynetteThompson@gmail.com